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Wow, really cool game! It felt really good to destroy some ennemies, very impactful, however I do wish the movements felt less limited, now, the music was awesome, and sound design overall too. Felt nice to have a boss at the end as well :)
I feel like some rooms had overly long corridors for no reasons though and it would been the restart right in the action sometime, some room can have long corridors for ambiance ofc, but not all of them, the trickiest one would be nice to restart instantly where it's hard due to the one hit nature of the game, also the movements of the ennemies could be less random, or have some sort of indicator, and maybe a more zoomed out camera, lots of time I died on ennemies that turned for no apparent reason and that felt unfair. But outside of that, loved it :)
Especially the vibe it gave me!

this is crazy, this is probably the only time I've seen this, one of the best concept ever combined with one of the worst combination ever. I really love the concept and I feel bad you're getting such bad reviews, this isn't bad, just needs a lot of polishing! But yeah the concept is awesome, and good music :)

GoodL responds:

Haha thank you. Don't feel bad about the reviews, there are plenty of good ones too. I honestly feel like the game's score is more than fair, and I got a front page and a daily award out of it, I'd say despite all it's flaws, this whole ordeal was a success for being a first game project on NG. :) Thanks again.

I like this! it's neat, you actually get better and better progressively, very intelligent game :)

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That ending is truly magnificient with the two voices going back and forth, can't believe how good that sound. Amazing piece and interpretation!

well played!

Am I the only one that loves the repetition lol

DreamEater responds:

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


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